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Your customers expect nothing less than perfection when it comes to food packaging. They expect their food on their plate to be protected from contaminants and from outside interference. In order to provide your customers with that quality packaging, turn to Centurion Industrial Packaging Ltd today for your high-quality, brand specific packaging.

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High quality packaging is of the utmost importance for the construction industry. Not only do you need materials brought to and from the work site, but you need the assurance that the packaging solution holding those materials can bear the weight. Centurion Industrial Packaging Ltd can provide such materials.

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An art form, horticulture demands attention, agency and above all care. Your harvest must be protected, but not sealed away. You want a packaging solution that can breath. Centurion Industrial Packaging Ltd can provide such a product: our breathable net bags have been designed just for such a task.

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Animal Feed

Designed to keep your animal nutrition product at its absolute best, Centurion Industrial Packaging Ltd are proud to offer a complete packaging solution for you and your customers. Our range of available products includes net bags, box bags, and bulk bags.

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Field Crops

There is nothing more important than food cultivation — bringing crops from the field to the place where they can be cleaned and sorted. Like the Food industry, Field Crop packaging solutions need to keep fresh produce completely free of contaminations and interference. Centurion Industrial Packaging Ltd is the company to provide that packaging.

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centurion packaging chemistry


Centurion Industrial Packaging Ltd transportation and packaging solutions enable you to safely package and transport your chemical products without fear of spill or contamination. For further assurance, great care is taken throughout the manufacturing process to ensure our products are chemically inert and suitable to transport a wide variety of chemicals and equipment.

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centurion packaging pharmacy


At Centurion Industrial Packaging Ltd, our packaging solutions are tested to the highest possible standard to ensure the safety of our customers and the quality of our products. It is this fact that makes our products ideal for the Pharmaceutical industry.

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About Centurion Packaging

Mining and Mineral Extraction

At Centurion Industrial Packaging Ltd, we recognise the importance of quality when it comes to the mining and mineral extraction industry. We offer a wide range of high-quality FIBC bulk bags, box bags, and polypropylene sacks designed to carry heavy material, such as minerals, loose aggregates, precious and heavy metals, and anything else you may need to transport.

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centurion sustainability products

Sustainability Products

Sustainability has never been more important and the need to recycle has never been greater.

It’s because Centurion Industrial Packaging Ltd recognise that need that we have created a line of products designed to be as ecologically friendly as possible.

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The proper packaging and presentation of wood and coal products is of the utmost importance. Not only does it raise brand awareness, but proper packaging also ensures that your customers can use their newly-purchased wood and coal happy in the knowledge that it was purchased by a sustainable and ecologically friendly vendor.

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