Above all, medicines must be free of contaminants and outside interference before use. To provide medicines contrary to this is to risk the life of your customers and patients. Centurion Industrial Packaging Ltd is proud to provide you with first-class pharmaceutical packaging designed and tested to a rigorous standard, to ensure the quality of your product and the health and safety of your customer.

Your Pharmaceutical Packaging Solution

Our chemical packaging products have been designed to compliment the high quality of your product, ensuring that your customers receive it in the pristine condition that you shipped it to them. We offer a range of products, including: polypropylene sacks, FIBC bulk bags, box bags, and many more. For more information about our packaging solutions, get in touch with us today.

The Benefits of Our  Packaging

  • Proper presentation of your product with clear, branded labelling and printing that is unique to your company.
  • A year-round reliable service.
  • Packaging that has been designed to meet rigid sustainability and quality standards.

Your Product, Our Assurance

All products that ship with Centurion Packaging are guaranteed to be contained securely, safe from outside contamination or interference. Our operations and packaging solutions have been designed to be sustainable, with the goal of having as small an environmental footprint as possible. Throughout your business relationship with us, Centurion Packaging will be a sound, honest, and upfront business partner — one worthy of your trust and confidence.

Benefits of Working With Centurion Industrial Packaging Ltd

  • An experienced and honest business partner dedicated to the quality of our product and yours.
  • A company with a committed and dedicated team.
  • Stringent quality control requirements, including ISO 9001, ensuring that you only receive the best quality product.
  • A company where sustainability is close to the heart of everything that we do, ensuring a better world for future generations.
  • Technical advice and experience is available to you

Pharmaceutical Packaging Products by Centurion Industrial Packaging Ltd

Collection, sorting and distributing recycled materials can be a tough job. Not only does it take hours of precious time, but you’ve got to make sure you have the right, high-quality packaging to do it. Centurion Industrial Packaging Ltd recognises the importance of providing you and your customers with high quality, tough yet recyclable packaging and we are eager to help you provide them to your customers.