Stretch Film Pallet Wraps and covers are essential for the safety and security of your products during transportation. To ensure your customer receives your palletised products in the same condition as they left you, it is vital that your product is securely attached to the pallet by an effective and stable cover. Luckily, stretch film pallet wrap is just that.  When it comes industrial products in transit, there are few packaging options as proven and effective as this industry proven wrap.

Our range of stretch films and covers will wrap your palletised products, whether this is by hand, or by automated machine. We have an extensive range of products for every application.

Available in various widths and thicknesses we stock standard or Power Pre-stretch, cast or blown, normal or extended cores.

Pallet covers can be supplied and printed with your own personalised artwork ensuring that your products meet the industry labelling standards.

We can also provide at least 30% recycled stretch film to comply with the Plastic Packaging Tax.