Custom Designed Charity Collection Bags

Centurion Industrial Packaging can design custom-designed charity bags that will benefit your collections and increase your donations.

Our designers will create eye-catching designs combined with the finest quality of printing. We can provide bags available in different sizes and thickness, according to your unique requirements. Over 60 million charity collection bags designed by our team are currently imported each year, making us the leaders in this market sector.

Reliable Charity Collection Bags Suppliers

Centurion Industrial Packaging Ltd will help guide you every step of the way, with years of experience in providing the finest bulk bags across a number of sectors. We also offer huge savings for potential clients who are looking to store, fulfil and distribute from our warehouse to any location across the UK. Our simple and all-inclusive price comes with no hidden charges.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail coupled with outstanding pricing and customer service which sets us apart from any other company.

Get in Touch with Any Questions

For a competitive entry point into the third sector market, please contact the sales team at Centurion Industrial Packaging Ltd to discuss your requirements.

E-mail or Contact Us today with any questions.

Centurion Industrial Packaging Ltd is also the leading supplier of woven polypropylene products including FIBCs, pallet covers, stretch wrap, bale wraps, woven sacks, botany bags and envelope bags.

We already supply different sectors including recyclers, dyers, quarries plus chemical and food manufacturers.

Our purpose-built warehouse in Cheshire allows us to stock hold your product and to deliver at scheduled intervals, therefore, freeing up your own warehouse space and cash flow.