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Frequently Asked Questions About Bulk Bags

27 May, 2022

At Centurion Packaging, we take pride in helping our customers every step of the way. From the early conception of their purchase, right through to after sale care. We have recently touched on some of the frequently asked questions about rubble bags. So similarly we thought; why don’t we look at some of the most commonly asked questions regarding FIBC bulk bags? 

Do They Have Any Other Names? 

It might surprise you to know that these industrially used bags have quite a few different names. You probably already know bulk bags are referred to as FIBC bags but some of their other names include: jumbo bag, super sack, big bag or even just a tonne bag (full capacity dependant). 

Can They be Reused? 

One of the many advantages of using a super sack is that many of the bags can be reused which drastically reduces your industrial waste as well as helping to support various environmental efforts. 

How Do You Empty FIBC Bags? 

Whilst this one depends on the application, the most effective way to do this is to release the contents of the bag from the spout at the bottom. After you have finished using the bag, you will want to clean the inside so they can be reused as previously mentioned. 

What is the Best Way to Stack Them?

The answer to this question has been the topic of much debate amongst those in the packaging community, however, it is advised that the most effective way is to stack big bags evenly against two supporting walls. 

If you do not happen to have supporting walls available, you can adopt the pyramid stacking method.

Where is the Best Place to Store FIBC Bags? 

It may not surprise you to know that the best place to store bulk bags is somewhere dry indoors and away from any potential external hazards. 

You will want to pay particular attention to keeping the bags out of direct sunlight. This is because frequent exposure to UV rays can wear down the material overtime leading to a drastic drop in performance.

What Industries Use Bulk Bags? 

Bulk bags are used in a variety of different industries. The industries include: construction, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and many others. 

Arguably, big bags are primarily used for the transportation of various goods and substances. Some of the many advantages of the ever popular bag are being easy to lift, easy to fold and they can also be easily stored in convenient places. 

How are FIBC Bags Manufactured?

How the frequently mentioned bags are made is rather surprisingly one of the most asked questions regarding bulk bags. The overall process can seem quite long and complicated. However, once you break down each step, the method actually seems quite simple. 

Whilst the exact process might vary slightly, for the most part, the steps remain the same. The manufacturing process starts with the feeding of the polypropylene (PP) into an intruder to produce PP tapes. 

From here, the various other steps involve the cutting of the aforementioned material. As well as a highly skilled employee completing the process to ensure the material is FDA compliant. 

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We hope this has answered most of your FIBC bag related questions. 

If you have any questions; whether it’s regarding our woven polypropylene sacks or one of our food grade jumbo bags, do not hesitate to contact us.