Frequently Asked Questions Answered about Food Grade Bulk Bags

Posted on - 1st May 2020

We often get questions about the different types of bulk bags we stock here at Centurion Packaging.

This is why we have put together this handy guide to answer all of your queries in one place about our food-grade bulk bags.

What are Food Grade Bulk Bags?

Food grade bulk bags are manufactured by Centurion Packaging in separate production areas that are situated away from the standard industrial bulk bag production.

This means they can meet industry standards to store different types of food.

What Sort of Food Can I Store in Bulk Bags?

You can store a wide variety of foods that can be consumed by not just humans, but pets and farm animals too.

Pet food such as dog or cat biscuits can be stored in huge quantities using our bulk bags.

Seeds are another popular item bulk bags are used to store, again because of their large capacities.

When harvesting crops, bulk bags are extremely handy to pack large quantities of milling together ready to be processed.

Not food, but hemp, which is used to produce clothes all over the world can be added to FIBC bags and stored ready to be transported to manufacturers.

Every food-grade bag produced at our premises also passes through a metal detector to ensure there is no metal contamination plus every bag is vacuumed and air-washed to ensure loose threads or any foreign body is removed.

Are Food Bulk Bags Recyclable?

Food grade bags from Centurion Packaging are made from 100% virgin polypropylene resin which gives them the ability to be recycled, and in most cases in large quantities.
Bags with a 6:1 safety factor ratio can be used more than once as long as they are used within a 'closed-loop' system where bags are cleaned, reconditioned and qualify for reuse to handle the same product in the same application that the bag was originally designed for.

Are Food Grade Bags Cost-Effective?

When looking for bulk packaging options, it is hard to beat the cost-effectiveness and versatility of FIBC bulk bags which have the ability to hold thousands of pounds for a low-cost amount. They can also be safely handled by numerous vehicles such as forklifts, cranes and hoists.

Unused flexible intermediate bulk containers can also be folded into small, compact sizes which makes them easy to store saving you space in your warehouse and ultimately saves your business money.

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