Why FIBCs are the Alternative Packaging Solution

Posted on - 1st March 2021

Bulk bags from Centurion Packaging can be used to package products that include dry flowable powders, granules plus wood, gravel, rocks and sand.

Over recent years they have also been put into use for bulkier non-flowing products such as rebar shapes and moulded plastic parts. Bulk containers can also be found in the chemicals, mining, plastics, resins, steel and powder industries.

Why Should I Use FIBC Bulk Bags?

Bulk containers, sometimes referred to as jumbo bags, are durable, lightweight and an alternative to corrugated cartons. These cartons are considered to be bulky, heavy and quite expensive.

Our bags are easily handled, fold-down simply and compact following discharge plus they are completely recyclable. Their easy handling means better ergonomics which translates into fewer back strains that are typically caused by handling heavy, bulky corrugated cartons.

Bulk containers will typically save producers 50% or more on packaging costs when compared to corrugated. They are designed specifically for a number of applications, meaning you get exactly what you need. Your customers who run batch processes will enjoy being able to get the exact quantity they need in each package plus they require very little labour to use properly.

They can be handled, transported and stored without pallets due to integrated lifting loops. When empty bulk bags are lightweight and can fold flat to take up less space than other industrial packages.

Which Industries Use Woven Polypropylene Sacks?

Here are some examples of industries that benefit from our bulk containers -

Food Industry - Sugar, salt, flour, dextrose, starch, food additives.
Chemical Industry.
Construction Industry- Crushed stone, sand, gravel, cement industry.
Agricultural Industry - Seed, grain, corn, dry root crop, seeds, nuts, potatoes and fruit
Pharmaceutical Industry
Engineering Industry
Packaging Industry
Waste Management and Recycling Industry
Plastics Industry - Absorbent polymer, resin, pellets
Textiles and Garment Industry
Transportation/Freight/Hauliers and the Logistics Industries

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