Why You Should Use Woven Polypropylene Sacks in Landscaping

Posted on - 7th August 2020

Moving topsoil or any other landscaping product can be a cumbersome process for any landscaping company, but Centurion Packaging is here to help!

While many landscaping companies have a dump truck to drop soil/mulch on the property owner's front yard or in the driveway, bulk bags are maybe an alternative you haven't considered.

Some gardeners require large amounts of fresh topsoil, and they may not have the ability to utilise it during a certain time period (for example, a weekend). Plans or the weather could change which could leave the client with a wet pile of mud or mulch on their garden or driveway without a clue what to do with it.

Bulk Bags are the Future of Landscaping

Times are changing, with landscaping products now also being transported using FIBC bags, but what are the advantages over using a dump truck?

We have put together three main reasons for using bulk bags for landscaping operations below.

Distribution Accuracy - Many landscapers do not just need one product but require multiple products such as decorative rock, mulch, compost and topsoil. By using bulk bags you can fill individual bags with a number of materials and allows you to deliver up to 5 different materials whilst keeping them seperate. This will save your business money and time in transportation costs.

Effective Storage - One of the main disadvantages of using dump trucks for landscaping products in driveways is that the product will just sit there until it used or disposed of. Alternatively, using duffle top bags you can seal the container and maintain the quality and integrity of the products. FIBCs are also 'weather-proof', meaning you can store for later use if required.

Deliver Accuracy - Delivering landscaping products using dump trucks is inefficient and inflexible as they will have a limited time to complete their project plus it could accumulate bugs or get wet and wash away. Dump trucks are also large vehicles so will need to ensure they have street access beforehand.
Cubic yard FIBCs can be filled with material and be offloaded in any location plus, as we have already mentioned, it is easier to keep products separated.

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