The Telltale Signs a Bulk Bag Has Been Tampered With

Posted on - 18th October 2020

Transporting sensitive materials such as expensive raw materials to government-regulated substances is quite common for bulk bag users.

In a lot of cases, these materials are moved by third party shipping companies, with some bags potentially being tampered with. Also, how confident are you that the contents will arrive at their destination in the best condition?

Recent advances in security in the bulk bag industry have helped to alleviate any security concerns. In this blog, experts from Centurion Packaging are going to explain these new products and how they can be put to use in your operations.

Explaining Tamper-Evident FIBC Containers

One of the latest innovations in the bulk container industry is Tamper Evident Bags that are designed to make tampering and damage evident upon a visual inspection. They also provide security for organisations that regularly ship sensitive or critical materials plus those with a history of tampering or damage by third-party shipping companies.

Here are four of the security features of Tamper Evident bulk bags -

1. Specialised Patterning - Tamper Evident bags are made with specific patterning of woven polypropylene which is carefully designed to match across the various sections of the bag. Any deviations from this pattern could signal tampering or damage that has been repaired afterwards.

2. Continuous Stitching - The stitching patterns on FIBCs offer another method to identify tampering. These containers are created with a continuous stitching pattern on all seams, with breaks in this pattern showing evidence of tampering or damage.

3. Security Eyelets - The filling and discharge spouts offer quick access for anyone trying to tamper with the materials inside. Tamper Evident containers include security eyelets around these spouts which can be secured with cable ties.

4. Double-Walled Spouts - These spouts are equipped with a material which allows the bag to be sealed, meaning any breakage of the seal can be quickly identified.

Each of these unique features makes it easy to identify tampering or damage when sensitive materials have been shipped or stored elsewhere. Conclusively, Tamper Evident bags offer security and confidence for vendors, end-users plus the shipping companies.

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