Centurion Packaging’s Guide Breathable Bulk Containers

Posted on - 10th July 2020

We always spend plenty of time answering questions from our customers here at Centurion Packaging.

This includes questions about FIBC construction bags and the many applications of bulk bags. One of the most frequent questions we get is, what are breathable bulk bags?

We will explore this question in greater detail for our latest blog.

Breathable FIBCs and Woven Polypropylene

Flexible intermediate bulk containers are manufactured by weaving strands of polypropylene together which forms a sturdy mesh whilst also maintaining the flexibility that bulk bags are renowned for.

Because of the weave bulk bags are not air or watertight, which means that the bags breathe naturally, to an extent. How much they can breath depends on a variety of factors which involve the construction of an individual bag.

Comparing Coated and Uncoated FIBCs

Coated bulk bags are FIBCs with a factory-applied laminate coating. Before bags are sewn together an additional polypropylene film is added to the bag's fabric which seals smaller gaps in the weaves.

The reasons there is a discussion about coated and uncoated containers is because when the coating is applied it will find small gaps in the weaves. This creates a greater cohesion between them and while coating does not make the bag 100% air and water right it does make them significantly less breathable. To achieve a more breathable bag we recommend avoiding bags with coating.

What are Vented Bags?

If you are looking for superior breathability then you should consider vented bulk bags as they have strips that run vertically along each side. These strips have small strands of polypropylene that aren't woven and allow more air to pass between the fabric.

What Can I Use Them For?

Breathable bulk bags do not have any single specified application but are used a lot in the produce industry where moisture causes products to mold. Applications, where moisture is a detriment, require breathable bags to increase airflow and prevent the retention of moisture which leads to mold.

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