How Agriculture Benefits from Bulk Bags

Posted on - 5th January 2021

Bulk bags from Centurion Packaging are very versatile, with many agricultural businesses using them to help control their cash flow.

For our latest blog, we are going to share a number of ways that woven polypropylene sacks can be used in agriculture.

3 Ways to Use Bulk Bags in Agriculture

1. Transportation and Storage of Fertiliser - There is no question that any agricultural venture would be greatly troubled without fertiliser. FIBC's protect the fertiliser when it is transported, which ensures that it will be effective when required. It is obvious that the right fertiliser, which is stored in the correct manner will make for a successful business. Bulk containers can store, protect and transport fertiliser plus they are a great utility in the distribution of this commodity. Whether an agricultural business uses organic or inorganic fertiliser, FIBC's are the safest and most economical way to protect your investment.

2. Transportation and Seed Storage - Just behind fertiliser in agriculture, is the importance of seeds. Without seeds, there will be no crop to harvest. The seed can also be adversely affected by a number of factors, including moisture, rodents, birds and time. Proper storage is a necessity. When employed in a cool, dry, environment, bulk containers will protect the seed for up to a year against adverse conditions and pests.

3. Crop Storage and Transportation - Harvesting requires the storage and transportation of the crops. Bulk bags will assist businesses to get the most profit from their efforts as they are the most efficient, affordable, convenient and cost-effective way to transport crops to their final destination.

A damaged product is of no use but bulk containers from Centurion Packaging will help protect harvested crops, even when storage is needed until it is time for transportation. Agriculture businesses can be assured of a healthy and profitable harvest by working with us.

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