Using Woven Polypropylene Sacks for Water Control

Posted on - 29th July 2020

Woven polypropylene sacks from Centurion Packaging can be used for storing and transporting a number of products and materials.

Whether you are packing chemicals, food, minerals, resin, sand or any other dry flowable product, an FIBC bulk bag is most likely the best option for your business.

The most common method of damming off the property is stacking polypropylene sandbags, but in recent times a better way to protect against floods has emerged. FIBCs are not only great for transporting and storing dry flowable products, but they are also great for building temporary dams and emergency water control. Here we are going to explore some of the situations that FIBCs can be used for controlling floods and building temporary dams as well as determining which bags are made to be used for this sort of situation.

Bulk Bags for Flood Control

Stacking 40 to 60-pound sandbags has been the established method for emergency flood control because of their wide availability and their ease-of-use. Using woven polypropylene sacks, however, is now the recognised method of controlling flooding with some businesses using bulk bags exclusively for flood prevention, controlling floodwaters plus building temporary dams.

Coated bags manufactured with 100% polypropylene offer the same light, yet extremely strong tear-resistant security you get from a traditional sandbag. They also allow emergency crews to use one bag in one place instead of dozens of sandbags.

FIBCs used for flood control have a coating that is water-resistant and UV protectant which helps protect the bag from breaking down when it is exposed to UV rays such as sunlight. Bulk bags that are being used for flood control or prevention are typically filled with sand-like sandbags but they can be filled with other substances such as gravel, dirt and other flowable materials.

Bags on their own will not completely stop water because of the small gaps that remain between the two bags. By combining the use of bulk bags with a waterproof membrane or filling the gaps between the FIBCs with sandbags you will be creating a watertight barrier.

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