Wool Scouring

Wool Scouring

Centurion has been a major supplier into the wool scouring industry for many years.

The importance of wool in Great Britain as a commodity and material cannot be underestimated. According to the National Sheep Association the estimated global sheep population is one billion. 34 million live in the UK accounting for 3% of the global flock and 25% of the European Union flock. We are one of the largest wool producers, with a yield of approximately 22,000 tonnes per year.
Not all wool is the same though. With over 60 breeds, more than any other nation, and diverse terrain. The wool from farms in mountainous regions like the Scotland and Wales is thicker and tougher, owing to the demands of the climate. Compared to lowland farms where this is a softer texture. Durable and more course wool is used for carpets, furnishings and tweed, whereas softer yarns are made into fabrics for clothes.

Packaging for Wool Scouring

Before the fleeces can be transformed into their end product the fleeces must treated. A process known as wool scouring sees the fibres cleaned and refined. Packing and bundling the shorn fleeces at the farm so they can be loaded and transported requires specialist products and wrapping. Some remain in the UK but many are sent overseas for wool scouring, so highly durable packing solutions are a must.

The shorn wool containing Lanolin, known as greasy wool, enters the cleaning/drying process to remove contaminants including suint, dirt, dust, and sand. It needs to be packaged to ensure it reaches its customer in the best possible clean condition.

Wool Scouring Packaging from Centurion 

Centurion supply a full range of packaging products to the industry including polypropylene, polythene covers, and wraps. 

These can be supplied clear, coloured, and print if required. 

Please contact our sales office to discuss your requirements. 

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