Understanding Rules and Regulations for Food Grade Bulk Bags

Posted on - 14th December 2020

There can sometimes be confusion surrounding food grade bulk bags and the rules and regulations surrounding them. Notable governing bodies including the (BRC) British Retail Consortium and the (GFSI) Global Food Safety Initiative.

Navigating some of these guidelines can be tricky, which is why Centurion Packaging is going to explain which ones are important to you and your business.

How To Know Your Bulk Bags Meet Current Standards

As with all industries in the food supply chain, the bulk packaging industry needs to be particularly strict when it comes to food-grade materials as a number of the building blocks of food we consume will arrive in bags such as grains, legumes, flour, salt, sugar and protein.

To simplify it for businesses of all sizes, the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) has put together a set of standardised goals. The GFSI is an all-encompassing regulatory body that is governed by some of the largest names in the food industry such as Wal-Mart, Nestle and McDonald's.

GFSI Goals Explained

Reduce food safety risks by delivering equivalence and convergence between effective food safety management systems.
Manage cost in the global food system by improving operational efficiency and eliminating redundancy.
Develop competencies and capacity building in food safety to create consistent and effective global food systems.
Provide a unique international stakeholder platform for collaboration, knowledge, exchange and networking.

Food safety encompasses material selection, manufacturing environments, packaging, storage and transportation. This area is ever-changing meaning it is more important to continue to educate and invest in yourself and your employees by keeping up-to-date with the new standards, regulations and best practices.

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