Transporting Products Using Bulk Bags

Posted on - 15th June 2020

Bulk bags from Centurion Packaging are a great option for transporting and storing dry flow-able products.

If you are currently looking at new ways to transport or store a dry flowable product, our latest blog will give you some important reasons to consider FIBC bags.

Reasons to Choose FIBCs

Here are five reasons to use FIBC bags -

Flexibility - FIBCs are an extremely flexible bulk packaging solution with the ability to adapt to specific products and applications. With safe working loads that range between 1000 and 4000 pounds, with the ability to store food-grade products and the ability to transport, bulk bags are great for businesses that store and transport dry flow-able products.

Cost-Effective - Flexible intermediate bulk containers are one of the most cost-effective bulk packaging solutions as they are affordable. The empty bags can be folded into compact sizes which save you warehouse space, which ultimately saves your business money.

Easy to Fill and Discharge - FIBC bags are easy to integrate into your working practices giving you multiple filling and discharging options. These include flap top, skirt top, filling spout and open-top filling options. Discharge options also include a discharge spout, a discharge spout with a safety valve plus a discharge spout with cover.

Quick and Easy to Transport - FIBCs have a number of lifting options which make it easy to customise your bag to suit the lifting and transportation equipment you already own. Lifting options such as cross corner loops, edge corner loops, additional lift loops, single or double loading belts will make it easy to find a lifting option to suit your forklift, crane or hoist.

FIBCs can also be used to store and transport combustible and flammable materials, making them perfect for businesses that work with large amounts of dry flowable products.

Environmentally Friendly - Most bulk bags are manufactured from virgin polypropylene which can be repurposed into other plastic products. They are also suitable for recycling, include those which store construction materials, chemicals, grains, fertilisers, pigments plus plastics.
On top of the fact they can be recycled, some bulk container bags are reusable plus bags with a safety factor ratio of 6:1 mean they are specifically designed for multiple uses.

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