Switching from Gaylord Boxes to FIBCs

Posted on - 1st October 2020

FIBCs or flexible intermediate bulk containers and Gaylord boxes are the most popular options for storing and transporting products and materials such as loose parts, granular materials, powders and even liquids.

Here we are going to share reasons why we think you should switch from Gaylord boxes to FIBCs.

Explaining Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers

Flexible intermediate bulk containers are industrial containers that are made of woven polypropylene which can also be coated with an additional polypropylene film.

They are commonly used for transporting and storing large quantities of dry flow-able products, including powders and granule materials. These containers can be easily filled through the top of the bag and easily emptied or discharged through the bottom.

They are intended for storing and transporting large volumes of material with safe working loads between 2000 and 4000lbs. Centurion Packaging's range of bulk containers are also highly customisable and can be made in different sizes with different filling and discharge options plus a number of cubic foot capacities plus different types for electrostatic applications.

FIBCs are also a safe and clean solution that is made from 100% polypropylene, which can be recycled and even reused under certain conditions. Our bulk bags are also easy to stack and ship plus they can be folded and packed tightly for increased efficiency.

3 Reasons to Choose FIBC instead of Gaylord Boxes

FIBCs are More Cost-Effective

Using bulk containers can save you money in a number of ways -

Increase Efficiency - FIBCs increase the speed in which you can fill and empty your product from the container. Instead of having to either manually empty the bag or dump the contents out of a container, FIBCs give you a variety of discharge options. The most popular discharge option is by using a spout on the bottom of the bag, which is an efficient and precise method of discharge.

Reusable and Recyclable - Under particular conditions, bulk bags can be reused and recycled in large number, although only bags with a 6:1 safety factor should be reused.

Save Storage/Warehouse Space

Before being filled, bags will fill 125-500 per pallet (depending on the size of the bag). Alternatively, Gaylord boxes need to be deconstructed or folded until they are being used. They also need pallets but are much more bulky and cumbersome.

Once they are filled, bulk containers are designed to maintain their shape plus they can be stacked which will save you storage space. Some Gaylord boxes can be stacked, but some are quite limited which means they are not as efficient as bulk bags.

FIBCs Have a Variety of Sizes

Customised bags from Centurion Packaging can be manufactured specifically for your products, equipment or application. The best part about this is that custom bags are not more expensive than standard-sized ones which can save you money in the long run.

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