Using Rubble Sacks on Construction Sites

Posted on - 17th February 2021

If you have ever worked on a construction site, you will understand how messy things can get. This is why it is your responsibility to ensure any waste is disposed of properly using rubble sacks.

For this blog, we will talk you through the use of rubble bags on building and construction sites.

What Is A Rubble Sack?

Investing in a batch of rubble sacks from Centurion Packaging is the most efficient way to remove waste materials from your site. Whilst these bags may seem similar to a bin bag they actually have more qualities, including higher strength.

Unlike your average bin bag, rubble bags are made from super-strength materials that will not tear. They are also extremely durable and can be reused multiple times, which will save you money.

Below we will explain the different types of rubble bags you can choose from.

Different Types of Rubble Bags

There are two different types of rubble sacks commonly available today, with different characteristics and strengths.

Woven Rubble Sacks

Woven rubble sacks are constructed from a woven synthetic textile such as polypropylene, which is ideal for holding and transporting heavy loads. They are also able to hold awkwardly shaped or sharp-edged waste plus they are resistant to tearing; making them a great choice for construction companies.

Plastic Sheet Rubble Sacks

The other material used for rubble bags is plastic sheeting, which is usually made from either polythene or polypropylene which varies in strength, depending on if they have low or high density. These sacks feel particularly light but they are quite strong. They tend to vary in thickness, with the thicker versions more suitable to heavy and awkward refuse.

Generally, plastic sheet bags are more expensive than their woven counterparts.

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