Polythene Pallet Covers Explained

Posted on - 18th January 2021

Polythene pallet covers from Centurion Packaging can be manufactured from coextruded non-fusion materials or from standard LDPE films that are designed for heat shrinking or simply to use as a dust cover.

We work with German manufacturers A+C Plastic, who produce a number of polythene products Centurion Packaging offers as part of our product range.

In this post, we will look at polythene pallet covers in greater detail.

Why You Should Consider Polythene Pallet Covers

Shrink covers will sometimes be used to help stabilise loads and help with security and weather protection. In some instances where plastic sacks are being transported, the use of pallet covers that are manufactured from Non-Fusion films is ideal as it prevents films bonding together during the process of heat shrinking.

Centurion Packaging can supply pallet covers as perforated on the reel or as singles or if you have bespoke requirements we can help make them a reality.

When it comes to covering your palletised product using a non-shrink LDPE low-density plastic material, there are two common manufacturing designs to consider; gusseted and centrefold pallet covers. You will also need to consider colours, prints, shrink capabilities, resins, recycled and virgin materials.

Talk to Centurion Packaging with Your Requirements

Centurion Packaging supply printed and plain polythene pallet covers, including nonfusion, shrink and stretch hood material.

At our purpose-made warehouse in Crewe, we stock agreed-on quantities of pallet covers, offering same day or next day delivery if required.

We are also the leading supplier of woven polypropylene sacks for a number of industries including agriculture, construction, food processing plus recycle and waste management. Centurion has also recently branched out to provide charity collection bags to help third sector organisations boost their donations.

If you have any questions about our products, please contact our Sales team today or visit our FAQ section.

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