Loading High-Temperature Products into Woven Polypropylene Sacks

Posted on - 18th September 2020

We often get asked by our customers about using woven polypropylene sacks to install high-temperature products, and if they have leakage problems during filling and loading.

Centurion Packaging is going to talk you through this process in our latest post.

The high-temperature resistant jumbo bag sewing thread can be made using polypropylene thread, with it being able to withstand the pressure of 5 times the weight of the load.

When dealing with high temperatures and harsh environments, another option is to add a high-temperature resistant inner bag.

In some instances, there is no way to avoid working with materials that, during the loading and transportation process, reaching high temperatures. If you find yourself in this situation, it is important to follow safety guidelines that are outlined to safely handle these materials.

Working with High-Temperature Materials Recommendations

There are a number of ways that you can effectively load, transport and unload materials at high temperatures. Here are four methods to consider -

1. Specify Bags for High-Temperature Materials - If you are regularly transporting materials that reach high temperatures, set aside bulk containers specifically for this task. Higher temperature materials will wear more on a standard bulk bag, so save your money by specifying bags for this purpose.

2. Always Test Bags - As we have already stated, it is important to remember to test bags that have been exposed to high temperatures. If you do not test your bags, this could lead to a break and compromise the material. This could mean having to rescue the material which will cost you time and money to get your project back on track.

3. Replace Bags Immediately When Necessary - Replacing a bulk container as soon as you notice an issue will save you in the long run. This will also prevent accidents that could cost you much more than replacing a single bulk bag.

4. Consider Specific High-Temperature FIBCs - There are special bulk containers available from Centurion Packaging, designed to carry high-temperature materials. Standard woven polypropylene sacks will suffice, but a high-temperature bag would be more reliable if you transport these type of materials. If you are using standard bulk bags to transport high-temperature materials it will wear on them more and mean you will replace the bags more often. Specially designed high-temp bags will help you save money in the long run.

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