What Food Grade Bulk Bags are best for my business?

Posted on - 10th May 2021

When you need to transport food-grade substances that are prone to outside contamination, food-grade bulk bags from Centurion Packaging are the best solution.

Bulk containers need to adhere to strict norms regarding manufacturing and quality assurance tests before they can be deemed as fit for storing and transporting food-grade substances.

What Makes Effective Food Grade Bulk Bags?

Here are some parameters you will need to consider when purchasing food-grade FIBCs -

Virgin Resin - Food grade bulk containers are manufactured using 100% virgin polypropylene resin, meaning the resin used for manufacturing is free of any recycled material that could potentially contaminate the food you want to carry in the bag. Such containers are more robust and can withstand storage, lifting and transport.

Third-Party Certifications - Certification of quality by reputed third-party agencies such as the British Retail Consortium (BRC) or Safety Quality Foods (SQF) ensure cleanliness during manufacturing, quality of material used and trust in the bags.

Storage Capacity - When purchasing woven polypropylene sacks you necessarily have to check the storage capacity because if you load more than the specified capacity, the container is likely to get damaged during lifting and transportation. Here at Centurion Packaging, our bags come with labels that state their storage capacity. Our team of specialists will also be able to help you choose the best bag for your needs.

Customisation - Food companies usually have specific transportation and storage requirements meaning their FIBCs need to be customised. Centurion Packaging can suggest specific customising methods for bags so that food can be transported at an affordable price without the risk of contamination.

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