INTRODUCING… our bespoke Y pallet cover!

Posted on - 8th November 2018

We’re excited to introduce our new product to you... the bespoke Y pallet cover!

Just imagine how great your product would look presented to your customers in this fantastic pallet cover. Below are just some of the reasons how you could benefit from this wonderful bespoke product

  • No weld seam on top of the pallet cover, so a lower risk of moisture penetration in wet weather conditions.
  • No ‘dog-ears’ on the pallet lid – making it less susceptible to soiling.
  • Homogeneous shrinkage which minimises the risk of image wrinkling after shrinking.
  • Minimum shrinkage on the base area of the pallet, therefore less arcing and increased product protection.
  • Tight, package-oriented shaping of the hood – in effect creating a second skin.
  • Reduced material usage by avoiding excess film.
  • Increased strength values with the same material thickness.
  • The possibility of 360 degree printing.
  • Fixed print position at the centre of each pallet side, creating a uniform look to your packaging.

Please feel free to ask questions about our new bespoke Y pallet cover. As you can see from the information above, there are many benefits to be gained in comparison to standard gusseted pallet covers.

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