What are the Filling Systems for Rubble Sacks?

Posted on - 9th November 2020

While rubble sacks from Centurion Packaging have a number of applications across different industries; do you know the different types of filling systems?

Here we will explore the different loading systems for bulk bags plus the discharge systems also available.

3 Different Loading Systems Explained

There are mainly three different types of filling systems for bulk containers -

1. The Total Opening - The bag is fully open at the top. This is the classic design which is widely used for building materials such as sand and gravel plus garden waste and any other type of waste. It is also considered the most cost-effective bag.

2. The Filling and Closing Skirt - This is a square piece of canvas above the filling body which allows directing to the load inside during the filling process. The skirt can remain relatively straight on all sides. It also allows you to close the bag completely after filling it on top.

3. The Filling Chute - This is a canvas tube used to insert the filling channel or sleeve pipe into it which ensures no overflow during the filling operation. Two links are sewn on the trunking allow it to be used as a clamping device around the filling tube. Once the filling operation is finished the spout is closed on top. The diameter and length of the trunking will vary according to the size of the bag or more specifically for a custom-made production.

What are the Different Bottom and Discharge Systems?

Much the same as the filling systems, there are three main bottom and discharge systems -

1. The Closed Flat Bottom - The bottom of the bulk container that supports the load is completely closed. To be emptied it must either be turned over with turning straps or extracted from above. This rubble sack construction is widely used for the transport of building materials, gravel and sand where the extraction method is by shovel.

2. The Discharge Spout - The discharge is its counterpart below the bulk container and is generally a cylindrical tube of canvas that allows the contents to be emptied by reducing and controlling the speed of the flow. The chute can be closed while there is still merchandise in the bag.
The length and diameter can be adapted according to your requirements, just contact Centurion Packaging to discuss our bespoke bulk bags.

3. The Fully Opening Bottom - This design is also quite popular as its practicality saves time for building professionals. The fully open bottom is secured using mechanical links. It is simple to unload your items, just disengage the safety links and by gravity the bottom automatically opens, unloading all the contents on the ground or the intended receptacle.

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