How Can FIBC Bulk Bags Be Used in the Dairy Industry?

Posted on - 14th March 2021

FIBC bulk bags from Centurion Packaging are the best solution for practically any sector or product; including the dairy industry.

The storage and transportation of bulk powders, such as powdered milk are challenging but working with Centurion Packaging, we can make it work for you.

Bulk powders are messy to handle and you do not want to lose any of the product anywhere in the process. Additionally, bulk powders must not be exposed to moisture as this will damage the product and make it instantly unusable.

For this blog, we will explain how bulk bags can help prevent this.

How Filling Equipment is used for FIBC Containers

When filling an FIBC, there are a number of options. Luckily, there are specialised filling machines that make sure the filling process is clean, safe and efficient. Filling equipment for bulk bags often work great with powdered substances. With the best equipment, you can steer clear of making a mess, moisture plus unwanted loss of product.

Moisture Protection and Modified Atmosphere Explained

Powdered substances are easily ruined or spoiled when they come into contact with any moisture. Bulk containers can be accompanied by a liner that keeps your product safe from moisture contamination. If you want to be extra safe, a modified atmosphere adds to the benefits of the bulk bags for dairy products. This prevents moisture inside the packaging plus it protects against any pests or contamination.

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Our range of woven polypropylene sacks is used by industries including construction, agriculture and horticulture, hazardous chemicals, food, recycling and textiles. We have also recently branched to supply charity collection bags for customers in the Third Sector.

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