Frequently Asked Questions About Rubble Bags

Posted on - 25th February 2021

Rubble bags from Centurion Packaging are the best solution to remove waste from DIY jobs plus on-going building projects.

If you have never considered using them before don’t worry, as we have put together this handy guide for all the frequently asked questions we receive from customers plus all of the answers.

Your Questions About Rubble Bags Answered

What Is a Rubble Bag?

Made from 100% recyclable, ultra-strong and durable woven polypropylene, rubble sacks are a convenient and cost-effective alternative to hiring a skip for the disposal of heavy and bulky waste.

What Can I Put in a Rubble Sack?

Rubble sacks are intended for the disposal of ordinary household, garden and builder's waste. Do not use them to dispose of hazardous or specialist wastes like contaminated plasterboard, asbestos, batteries, electrical goods, liquids, chemicals or food waste.

Here are some items you can put into these woven polypropylene sacks -

Bathroom Project Waste
Bedroom Furniture
Boilers (no asbestos)
Carpet / Flooring
Central Heating Equipment (no asbestos)
Clay (weight restrictions apply)
Computer Equipment (no monitors, laptops or ink cartridges)
Construction and Demolition Materials
Garden Waste
Household Waste
Insulation (no asbestos)
Kitchen Project Waste
Office Products (no monitors/laptops or ink cartridges)
Paper and Cardboard Products
Plasterboard or Gypsum (must be segregated from other wastes)
Non-oily Rags and Wipes
Roofing Materials (no asbestos)
Small Domestic Appliances (examples include microwaves, stereos, VCRs, DVD players, radios, audio/visual equipment, NO monitors, TVs or laptops)
Windows and Doors
Wood and Timber Materials

Can You Put Paint in a Rubble Bag?

No, liquid waste such as paint and oil is classified as hazardous and cannot be placed in a rubble bag.

Can Glass Go in a Rubble Bag?

Yes, you can put glass in a rubble sack, but shards will need to be wrapped in order to prevent piercing the bag or endangering anyone who collects and sorts the waste.

Can I Put Food Waste in a Rubble Sack?

Food waste is not accepted at waste transfer stations so it cannot be added to our bags plus it would likely contaminate other materials such as cardboard.

To find out the best ways to dispose of your food waste consult your local authority.

Can You Put Clothes in a Rubble Sack?

Yes, if old clothes are no longer useable or suitable to be passed on to someone else, you can add them to a rubble sack.

It is worth remembering that clothes and textiles in decent condition can be donated or sold for re-use.

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