What is Cyclic Testing for FIBC Bulk Bags?

Posted on - 22nd April 2021

Cyclic testing is a procedure that tests products, materials and components with repeated testing in a single setting, instead of a single test for the entire process.

This is designed specifically to make sure the long term viability of your product means it will perform reliably during its use across the product's lifetime.

Cyclic tests are done repeatedly to assess the lifetime performance by reviewing performance at intervals. The goal is to get a better idea of how it will perform in real-world use by simulating how it reacts when the product is new and when it has been in use for a considerable amount of time.

For our latest blog, Centurion Packaging will talk you through the cyclic testing criteria for bulk containers.

Cyclic Testing Criteria Explained

For FIBC bulk bags, the cyclic testing focuses on drops, abrasions, spills, falls, impacts and other cases where the container needs to stand up to repeated use over time. Cyclic load tests also happen for woven polypropylene sacks to ensure they won't tear, rip or deform under different loads in different environments.

Specific tests will have a number of different criteria, such as -

The bulk bag must withstand the load test at a minimum required setting before a failure occurs - with a setting determined by bag type and projected use.
The FIBC bag can have no leakage of contents or breakage of the lifting devices like handles, to the extent that the lifting device can't support the load.

Cyclic top life requires the bags to go through 30 cycles at two times the safe working load (SWL) with a final cycle at 5 times the safe working load for final approval.

This test suspends the bag from its handles or other lifting devices as weight is added to it. Containers need to hold a minimum weight without tears or ripping.

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