Centurion Packaging Supporting Chance. Changing Lives

Posted on - 22nd June 2020

Centurion Packaging Support Chance. Changing Lives

Centurion Industrial Packaging Ltd is a proud supporter of a local charity Chance. Changing Lives that provide vital services in our local community.

They are a charity of volunteers battling homelessness with hope, help and a hot meal.

Chance believes that everybody deserves a chance in life. Their Saturday Kitchen gives the homeless a chance to enjoy a hot meal and a few hours of normality. Their Community Pantry gives those struggling to make ends meet the chance to provide for their families. Their Holiday Hunger initiative gives parents the chance to feed their children during school holidays. 

Their Mission is: To reduce homelessness, social exclusion and promote dignity.

A very worthy cause.

Visit the official Chance. Changing Lives Facebook page.

Centurion Packaging is one of the country's leading suppliers of woven polypropylene and polythene products.

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