Can Bulk Bags be Anti-Static?

Posted on - 16th November 2020

All woven polypropylene sacks available from Centurion Packaging have a degree of anti-static quality, and we will focus on what they are in this blog post.

Every woven polypropylene FIBC has some earthing qualities (they are made from plastic after all) but knowing which type of bulk bag you are using and its anti-static qualities are very useful.

Below we will explain the four different types of anti-static bulk container.

Four Different Types of Anti-Static Bags

Industry research has categorised the method of construction for bulk bags to determine their suitability for use in a flammable atmosphere. This revealed four different types of bulk containers -

Type A - Generally standard imported bulk containers that have no special safety precautions

Type B - Made from a fabric having a breakdown voltage of less than 4 kV. This bulk bag is also considered a standard type, although this bag could be used for a particular application than Type A couldn't.

Type C - Considered 'Anti-Static' bags, they incorporate conductive threads inter-connected across the seams and require earthing. Generally earthed by conductive tabs attached at specific places on the bag, this bag will be sufficient for most situations and processes.

Type D - These bulk containers have conductive threads that are not interconnected and it is claimed, do not need earthing because static is dispersed by corona. They are often referred to as 'Chronique Blue'.

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