How Bulk Bags are used for Chemicals

Posted on - 29th April 2021

Centurion Packaging's range of bulk bags is the perfect solution to store chemicals, powders, waste or other potentially harmful materials.

We will explain why our woven polypropylene sacks are the best choice for your requirements for this blog.

The Storage of Chemicals with Bulk Bags

Here at Centurion Packaging, we design and manufacture FIBCs that are renowned for their quality and durability.

Here are some reasons why working with us is a smart investment -

1. Our bulk containers last longer - We manufacture bulk containers using 100% woven polypropylene, meaning the individual fibres are stronger down to the molecular level, and the tight weave assures use after use.

2. Quality-Tested Products - Centurion Packaging stack, lift, topple, right and tear our containers so we can deliver the highest quality of the product. This reduces the risk of waste and spillage.

3. Easily Handled and Reliable - You can count on our FIBCs to retain strength, plus they are easy to store, move and transport.

4. Customised to your requirements - Centurion Packaging manufactures several different FIBCs to meet our clients' diverse and storage applications.

5. Maximise your budget - Because we design our bulk containers to maintain structural integrity while maximising capacity you will spend less overall because our bags will last longer.

How Our Bags work with Chemicals

When working with chemicals you will need to be able to handle, store and transport them safely. Bulk containers ensure your materials are segregated plus they prevent harmful contamination. If you regularly work with chemicals and other types of materials, you don't want them coming into contact with other products, as contamination can cause damage and injury plus you will need to dispose of the corrupted materials.

If you need to dispose of other items due to chemical contamination, there is the possibility of losing money and in some cases, clients. Purchasing chemical bulk bags manufactured specifically to handle certain materials.

Centurion Packaging understands that the same chemical bags will not work for everyone, which is why we offer customised containers. Once we know your specific requirements, we will design and create bags tailored to your business.

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