Why Do Bulk Bag Slings Break?

Posted on - 8th October 2020

Bulk bags are a reliable storage solution but we know that sometimes their slings can break causing disruption to your operations.

The main reasons for broken edges of bulk bag slings are the poor quality of the sling, luckily this is something you won't have to worry about when working with Centurion Packaging.

Sadly if the sling breaks it will mean that the overall container bag cannot be used.

There are three main reasons for broken edge of a sling, which we will explain during this post.

3 Main Reasons Edge Slings Break

1. Excessive and frequent application and continuous lifting damage will contribute to the sling's service life being reduced. Similarly, container bags that have already exceeded their service life but continued to be used.

2. The most important factor for the sling to rot is if it is poorly manufactured. This means it can only be used once or twice once it is rotten. If it has the ability to be repaired, the bag can be removed and replaced.

3. Another key element is if incorrect materials have been used to make the sling, which leads to broken edge of bulk bags. If too much polypropylene is used and too little high-pressure polythylene is used as this causes the weathering layer. As container bags are often used outdoors, the broken edge is more likely.

High-Quality Bulk Bags from Centurion Packaging

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These sectors include agriculture and horticulture, building trade and aggregates, food and pharmaceuticals, recycling and waste management plus textile recycling.

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