Using Bulk Bags for Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals

Posted on - 18th May 2020

While a standard bulk bag will suffice for most products and applications, pharmaceuticals, chemical and dangerous materials require food-grade bags.

Luckily, Centurion Packaging caters for both kinds of bags, but for the purpose of this blog, we are going to focus on the importance of food-grade bags for pharmaceuticals, chemicals and dangerous materials.

Food Grade FIBCs and Pharmaceuticals

If you are dealing with pharmaceutical grade materials, the ideal solution is food grade bags. They are specially manufactured by our team to meet certain standards that make product contamination completely impossible.

These standards are the BRC and SQF certifications. BRC certification refers to the British Retail Consortium, which is a leading safety and quality program used by 23,000 suppliers over more than 120 countries. SQF refers to Safety Quality Food and is one of the leading safety management systems that is recognised by retailers and foodservice providers all over the world.

Because of these manufacturing standards, these bags are often ideal for pharmaceutical companies, which adhere to similar standards.

Using Food Grade Bags for Dangerous Materials

Food grade bags are the best solution for pharmaceutical applications, but they should not be used for hazardous or volatile chemicals.
For this type of application, FIBC bulk bags are the best choice. Our brand of FIBCs is specifically designed and manufactured to hold and safely transport hazardous materials. These bags go through an extensive testing procedure and are specifically labelled to easily identify the contents of the bag. It is extremely important to have a label that notifies the handler of the contents plus where the bag has been manufactured, the bags weight and any other critical information.

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