Pest Control When Using Bulk Bags

Posted on - 16th July 2020

The market for FIBC bulk bags has grown massively over the past few years, with a number of industries using bags from Centurion Packaging for all kinds of purposes.

However, no matter the industry you are working in; keeping control of insects around your premises can be a constant challenge. This is especially true in the food industry, where insects and other pests can ruin products and cost companies thousands of pounds.

We are going to share 7 handy tips in our latest post to help you to stop insects ruining your products.

How Insects Affect the Food Industry

The food industry is particularly susceptible to pests because they are naturally attracted to the products being placed in bags. Controlling pests is a massive challenge when it comes to the long-term storage of FIBCs. This can become even trickier if products are stored outdoors for a long period of time as part of their companies working practices.

How to Control Insects Around FIBCs

Here are some tips from our team of specialists to help you combat insects -

1. Store Bags in Cool and Dry Places - This is one of the easiest ways to repel some insects and pests.

2. Try not to store FIBCs and Products Outdoors - Exposing FIBCs to outdoor conditions can expose them to more insects, so try to store indoors, if you can.

3. Use Insect Control - If you are storing your product bags in your premises, invest in some insect control service for the building. This will prevent insects from getting near your products before they can contaminate them.

4. Long-Term Storage Solution - Ensure all bags are tied and sealed. The majority of bags come with some sort of ties with others allowing you to seal the product inside.

5. Stack Bags Properly - Prevent any spillages or toppling by stacking your bags properly plus this will prevent any contamination from insects and additional pests.

6. Use Sealed Liners - Using a bag liner with help seal it off after filling it up and keep pests and other contaminants away.

7. Use Chemical Additives - If exposure from insects in unacceptable for your products you can also consider using chemical additives. Talk to Centurion Packaging and we can discuss suitable products for our bulk bags.

Talk to Centurion Packaging About Insect Control

If you are having issues with insects and pests getting into your bulk bags, please contact Centurion Packaging now. We will be able to provide you with more tips and techniques for insect mitigation.

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