How You Can Use Bulk Bags in the Malting Industry

Posted on - 8th June 2020

Bulk bags provided by Centurion Packaging, have proven an effective storing and transporting option for a number of products and materials.

More recent use of woven polypropylene sacks has been in the craft brew industry, with the demand for special malted barley skyrocketing. This has caused malters to seek a better way to transport their products to customers.

For our latest blog, we are going to focus on why malters have started using bulk containers to transport products.

Transporting Malted Barley Using FIBCs

In the past speciality malters have used 50-pound bags to pack and transport malt. As the craft brewing industry has grown in popularity, the demand for malt has too. Custom malters have now expanded their operations to meet the demand plus they have been forced to use more economical and efficient ways to store and transport their products - with the use of food-grade FIBCs.

Food-grade bulk bags are ideal for the malting industry, as they can transport up to 3000 lbs or more of product safely. Our food-grade bags are manufactured in a BRC certified facility, which ensures that they meet the highest industry standards.

Subtle Marketing with Bulk Bags

Branding and marketing have also become crucial parts of the craft brew scene and bulk bags will help to expand your audience. As a provider of a unique product, your business needs to reflect this. The beauty of bulk bags is that it is quite easy to custom print logos and names on them. Whether it is simple, black and white prints or full-colour imagery, you can reach more potential customers with every bag that is shipped.

Find Out More About Food-Grade Bags

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Our FIBCs are currently used across a wide range of sectors including agriculture, construction, food, recycling and waste management plus textiles.

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