Using Bulk Bags for Garden Renovation Projects

Posted on - 10th April 2020

The spring sunshine often gives us the motivation to get back into the garden and give it the makeover you have always promised.

FIBC bulk bags from Centurion Packaging are the most cost-effective solution to store any waste you accumulate in one place ready for a visit to the tip.

For our latest blog, we are going to share some garden renovation ideas to get you motivated!

3 Garden Designs to Consider

Here are three garden designs that you can start planning right now -

1. Get Your Lawn Summer Ready
When you look out the window your lawn is always the biggest space in your garden, and if it is in excellent condition you will be set for summer. If you haven't looked at your lawn since late last year giving it a much-needed trim is the first task to complete. This is where our FIBC bags come in handy, as they have the capability to store heaps of grass plus they are made from the extremely tough polypropylene, so they won't be splitting anytime soon.

2. Stylish Paving
A bigger undertaking is having a paved path added to your garden perhaps leading to planting or a designated BBQ area. Having stylish paving laid can dictate the look of your garden and instantly modernise your outdoor space.

Here are some colour schemes to consider -

  • Grey or white stone complements purple and white blooms.
  • Black and silver paving blends well with strong colours like red, orange and yellow.
  • Golden paving works well with flowers with softer tones such as pink, lavender and chalky yellow.

3. A Garden Room Installation
Garden rooms are a great way to maximise and extend your garden space, whether you want to use it as a home office or a yoga studio. The best part is that planning permission isn't needed, making this a straightforward project to get off the ground. As the summer approaches, this could be the perfect outdoor area to eat, drink and soak up some sunshine too.

Order Your Bulk Bags from Centurion Packaging Now

So there are three ideas to get you started on your garden transformation plans. Don’t forget we have a wide variety of FIBC bulk bags in stock, which will come in handy for any of these projects.

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