Are Bulk Bags Flame Retardant?

Posted on - 30th November 2020

The FIBC industry is evolving all the time, with users benefiting from new innovations in bulk bags for unique applications.

One of the most recent innovations is flame-retardant FIBCs, which have been created to protect the material inside the container plus the property and the employees handling it.

Here we will explore the features and benefits of flame-retardant bags.

Flame Retardant FIBCs Explained

Flame-retardant FIBCs are designed specifically not to burn and in turn, prevent the spread of fire in particular scenarios. These bulk containers have a number of unique features and benefits such as -

1. High Melting Peaks - Flame-retardant bags are available with a high melting peak of up to 168.39 degrees Celsius. The increased melting peak allows flame-retardant FIBCs to be used in many applications where standard containers may fail or catch fire.

2. Flexible Heating Range - Flame-retardant bags can be available with heating ranges between 35 degrees Celsius and 350 degrees Celsius. This extensive heating range means that flame-retardant containers can be used for different applications and in different environments.

3. Heat and Flame Resistance - Under the heat, the fabric of standard bulk bags starts to change on a molecular level, which leads to the fabric expanding. The fabric of the bags can withstand much higher levels of heat without undergoing molecular change or expansion.

4. Halogenation Options - Flame-retardant bags are available in halogenated and non-halogenated options. Halogens act as active flame retardants when a fire is present, which helps the bag prevent the spread of fire and damage to the material.

Talk to Centurion Packaging for More Information

While it’s true that flame-retardant bulk bags have a number of benefits when used for specific applications, remember every bulk bag on the market is different. Venders offer these bulk bags in differing qualities with different specifications and standard ranges.

In order to get the best bulk container for your requirements, it is important to discuss this with your distributor, such as Centurion Packaging, stating your exact use and needs. This planning in advance, ensures you get the ideal bag for your application.

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