Can Bulk Bags Be Customised?

Posted on - 28th December 2020

Bulk Bags from Centurion Packaging are fantastic packaging for transporting and storing large amounts of a variety of products and materials.

We source our bags over the world and work with some of the biggest manufacturers ensuring our clients receive a top-quality product for the best possible value.

All of our bulk bags are manufactured using 100% virgin polypropylene resin which prevents the contamination of products, specifically for food grade purposes.

Our range of FIBCs are highly customisable with some of the options including -

  • A number of loop construction options
  • A variety of top construction options
  • A number of bottom construction options
  • Various sizes and safe-working loads
  • Type A, B, C and D bulk bags
  • Multiple colour options
  • Food and Pharma grade bulk containers that are manufactured in BRC Certified facilities
  • Baffles which enhance the form factor, increase structural integrity for easier stacking and storage

Different Loop Construction for Bulk Bags

Cross Corner - Similar to loop over loop designs, cross-corner loops are sewn into the corners of the bag. Each end of the loops is sewn into one side of the FIBC.

Edge Corner - In a loop over loop construction, or edge corner, each loop is sewn into the seams in the corners of the container.

Side Tunnels - Sleeve is made of the same woven polypropylene as FIBCs, which are ideal for use with forklifts.

Covered - A single cover connecting two corners of the bag to the other which makes it easy to lift with a forklift.

Additional Loops - Four corner loops attached to each of the four bag loops, which are also known as stevedore straps.

Double Loading Belt - Two straps put through each set of lift loops which allows the bag to be lifted easily by forklifts.

Single Loading Belt - A single loop is put through all four loops, which allows the bag to be lifted at single or multiple points.

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